Welcome to The Pastime

With Opening Day on the horizon, I would like to welcome you to The Pastime, a fresh website that will showcase all of my baseball writing.

I’ve been covering the game for almost a decade, first as a passionate fan and now as a freelance professional. However, my previous platforms, most notably the blog I kept for three years, had severe limitations. I wanted a better formatting experience to match the quality of my work, while making it easier for readers to follow, interact with and share my content. Therefore, I’m delighted to launch this new project.

The website is already stocked with my greatest baseball writing, coalesced from various platforms into one central hub. It will be much easier for people to find my work in one place, with greater social media compatibility allowing for a better experience all around.

Please head to the About page for more information on the various sections of The Pastime. You can also read more about me, check out my wider baseball writing portfolio, and subscribe so you never miss another article.

Thanks for your continued interest and support. Here’s to a bright future.

Ryan Ferguson


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