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In recent years, I’ve been fortunate to land some professional freelance gigs covering baseball for a variety of outlets, most notably The Guardian. However, a lot of my work remains voluntary, including almost everything that appears on this blog.

Writing here gives me a firm base from which to explore other opportunities, and I love interacting with my loyal followers, but it can be difficult apportioning time to free work amid a busy professional schedule. Therefore, I would like to ask for you help in taking my baseball writing career to the next step.

I’m delighted to maintain a Patreon page dedicated solely to my baseball writing. You can access it by clicking here. Patreon enables creators in many different fields to generate essential revenue by asking for donations, usually on a monthly basis. In turn, those creators must offer rewards for different tiers of donation. It’s a very well-respected platform, and one that I hope to use more in the coming months and years.

I know a lot of baseball writing can be accessed for free nowadays, but as my Patreon page explains, any donations would be used to purchase tools and services crucial to enhancing my career. Rather than rehash the aims, objectives and rewards of my campaign here, I would really appreciate it if you would visit the Patreon page linked above.

These are tough economic times, and I appreciate anyone who simply visits this site regularly. But if you could at least take a look at my funding campaign, that would be brilliant.

This is all about self-improvement, and becoming the best baseball journalist possible. Writing about this game is my greatest passion, but I want to do it better, for your sake and mine. Any help in this regard would be most appreciated.

Thanks for listening.

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