Ryan Ferguson

I’m Ryan Ferguson, a freelance sportswriter from Wirral, near Merseyside, in England, and The Pastime is a central hub for all of my baseball writing.

I first stumbled across the game at the age of 10 in 2004, while flicking through the television late at night. In those days, baseball was televised twice weekly in Britain via Channel 5, and I quickly fell in love with the show and the sport.

Baseball quickly became an obsession, as books were devoured and movies were watched. Throughout high school, I stayed awake into the wee hours, watching games that started at midnight. Despite lurking an ocean away, baseball became one of my greatest passions in life.

Before long, I began pursuing a career in journalism, inspired by numerous baseball writers who illuminated my childhood. I wanted to be like Dan Shaughnessy or Roger Kahn, covering the Red Sox or Dodgers on beautiful summer days. The fact that I’m British and therefore removed from the main bubble of activity was something of a hindrance, but I endeavoured to write about sport, especially baseball, for a living.

So far, the journey has been extremely rewarding. I’ve been writing about baseball for almost a decade, and have worked my way up to various freelance positions, notably with The Guardian, a Pulitzer Prize-winning paper, and Yawkey Way Report, a Red Sox magazine sold at Fenway Park on gamedays. I also contribute to a number of other outlets, and would like to expand those horizons.

Accordingly, The Pastime is a one-stop shop for all of my baseball writing and credentials. It will allow me to truly showcase the quality of my writing and the depth of my baseball knowledge, while hopefully providing a gateway to further career opportunities within the game.

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